On the consequences of the lack of appreciation - I

Dante is a magnificent work by Enric/Enrique Granados whose reception at the concerts in Barcelona tragically conditioned the abandonment of the unfinished score. Dante's private audition in 1908 oozed positive sensations (Francesc Cortés i Mir "Dante e l'arte"), but the lamentable (both for shameful and devastating) criticisms from the press would discourage the composer:

Perhaps the Divine Comedy is not perfectly suited to his temperament
[...] although there is no lack of emotion in the work of Granados, its development is not spontaneous and subtracts the necessary unity to the whole

La Vanguardia

May 27, 1915

The new production, unfortunately, was a failure

[...] Granados should completely leave the rugged path that starts in its new production

El Diluvio

May 27, 1915

The clichés towards the music of Granados dramatically limited the authentic appreciation of the true scope of the work and the greatness of its author.

Only two of the four planned parts were finished. We invite you to listen to this music and contrast opinions above:


Deep words about music, art and live by great guitarist

Carles Trepat in Segovia (Spain)


On the consequences of the lack of appreciation - II

Joshua Bell, one of the best concert violinist in the world played for free, for 45 minutes, on a violin worth 3.5 million dollars at a subway station. Over a thousand people passed by Bell, only seven stopped to listen him play, including a 3-year old boy, and only one person recognized him.

This is probably an indication of how important the environment, the place and the moment of each artistic action can be. When these aspects are neglected, the appreciation of art is dramatically affected.

Every artistic event should be cared for as if it were a true sacred ritual !!

The social context in which a behavior occurs affects how it is interpreted. I am curious if they did the opposite by sending a regular subway player to a high prized concert hall, to see if people will pay money, clap and shout for a good violist who is a nobody.   - Colin A R Adams


We wish to stand out how a concert can become a unique magical moment when both artists and audience are capable to let it happen.

Amazing show, amazing band, amazing music, amazing audience and an example of confidence, shared risk, communion and beauty. Isn't it? 


Josep-Manel Vega improvising among bells in a castle.
Josep-Manel Vega - bells and guitar / Àlex Fuentes - bells, flute  and percussion

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You have to be sourself at the most when you play.

Two wise tips for musicians, also useful in all artistic paths and in living, by respectable guitarist and composer Nguyên Lê .



Contemporary dance full of beautiful and suggesting images from one of our most international young dancers. Poetry and symbolism which cannot leave you indifferent at all.


Josep-Manel Vega showing how a new improvisation is built for the first time.

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If you hear something and it changes you it's because what you heard was someone who became and innovator by working hard on himselfnot so much work on the instrument.


Unusual instruments combination to play ancient music

in a delicious unexpected way.

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In the time we live with such speed of information accumulation, I see that it is very important to continually do the "revisiting" exercise in order to be authentic in the future. You can only reinvent yourself when you check yourself, because sometimes we go so fast that we stay in a vacuum.

Cesc Gelabert

- words taken from an interview on Spanish TV 2012/02/06


You can't make your music good. You can't try to be good.

You can try to be present and you can try to remain open so what is going to speak to you can speak through you.

Michael Hedges


Playing (and living) simple to keep freedom.

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Celebrated cover on a self-built guitar by guitarist  Josep-Manel Vega who was congratulated by the author himself.

Congratulations dear Josep-Manel !!!   - Nguyên Lê