J O S E P - M A N E L   V E G A
From one country to another playing in different places in search of different sources of energy, feelings and inspiration. A nomadic attitude without a predetermined destination.


Catalan guitarist Josep-Manel Vega has been travelling around different countries for a year and a half looking for the most inspiring places to develop his improvised music.

This musician left behind everything that had supported a stable life up to that moment and since then he has dedicated himself to travel the world playing, learning and enriching himself as a human being.

In this process, he does not follow a set path. After each improvisation, he locates the next destination and plans a new journey. In each place he records music that he will later share on networks and on albums such as the ones he has recently released.


Josep-Manel Vega, a cosmopolitan and eclectic guitarist, creates atmospheres by improvising with elements of classical music, flamenco, jazz and so-called drone music (built on a single chord) such as Celtic music, Gregorian chant, medieval music and the ragas of Indian music.

Each of his concerts is a recreation of those significant moments that have now been definitively immortalised in these two albums.

Josep-Manel Vega offers a performance in which the beauty of the music and the instantaneousness of the interpretation provide a profound experience, which seeks communion by sympathy with the audience and not just entertainment.

Each concert is like a small collection of moments.


7 IMPROS (2020) and IMPROVISING AROUND THE WORLD (2021) are his two latest albums, which include some of these recordings. More than two hours of calm, peace and harmony. An evocation of the different places that have inspired each note.

Music recorded in France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, England, Belgium, Holland, Hungary and in several places in Spain, which basically expresses a dynamic of transformation and inner growth, reflecting vital states that go far beyond sound.

Most of them have also been published on video on the musician's official website: www.josepmanelvega.com


To Josep-Manel Vega, improvisation is a total experience: a way of inhabiting each moment with one's whole being, feeling one's own presence with absolute attention.

Environment is very important to me. I have to feel the energy of each place and of those who surround me. What I bring is as important as what I receive. That's why my performance is actually a joint experience.

"It exceeds in originality the usual average of our music scene. Essentially improvised music breaking limits and barriers.- M. J. (El País)

"Progressive music against the tide.- Jordi Bianciotto (El Periódico de Catalunya)

"The virtuoso guitarist merged his music with nature. Instead of playing the instrument, caresses it with a unique and personal dexterity. What was experienced, felt and enjoyed (...) becomes unforgettable." - Andrés Rodríguez (La Mañana)

"A brave and precious project." - Pau Benavent (Vilaweb) 

"Healing music made to fill yourself up with.- Arts To Rise

"A fantastic listening experience. Beautiful music imbued with such beauty, austerity and honesty. Very intelligent lines, wonderful moving around musical centers and a great feeling for developments reminding the most beautiful lines of Steve Lacy or Bob Brookmeyer. Wonderful turnings of melodies, clever execution of given material and just a great listening experience!- Radu Malfatti

"Freedom and discipline, a graphic expression of music and instantaneous composition that is only possible through improvisation (...) and, therefore, ideal to be produced live.- Víctor Nubla

"It is very interesting and put me in mind of the area of work Robert Fripp and King Crimson were doing and still do.- David Enthoven

"Very nice atmosphere and sound.- Daniel Filas

"His classical guitar interpretation of "Vessel" by Ralph Towner is simply excellent... warm tone, wonderful (outside!) improvisation, and overall spacious feel and depth. This worthy treatment by Josep-Manel of a fine tune from the mind of the mighty Ralph Towner, with solid groove and wonderfully dissonant passages, is a musical breath of fresh air.- Greg Bannoff

"Suggestive instrumental pieces and exciting improvised passages.- Alan Wing

"Your music is poetic & magical (...) filled with wonder & goodness." - Bruce Soffer

Cafè del Teatre - Lleida
Cafè del Teatre - Lleida


Josep-Manel Vega builds his show through improvisations created from the same musical elements that were used in each place. These elements work as words that weave a real-time narrative. Each new improvisation evokes previous improvisations and takes us to the multiple locations trodden

An audiovisual display of video projections allows the audience to simultaneously watch images of the places where the IMPROVISING AROUND THE WORLD project has been developed.

La Nau - Barcelona
La Nau - Barcelona


23 / 10 /2021