Swiss singer & harpist Mia Ramer and Spanish guitarist Josep-Manel Vega play songs together.
Improvisations turn each event into an exceptional experience. 
A musical landscape repainted at every new occasion.

Mia and Josep-Manel share a similar personal background which transfers into the music, in a perfect blending that simplifies what is complex underneath. Two souls interacting in a perfect connection through the magic of music.

They develop songs creating new music instantaneously, making every show unique

Lyrics suggest without showing. An invitation to create mental images and maybe finish the landscape.

Old fears won't tell the way my steps will take today

- excerpt from the song Clear Light

Josep-Manel Vega has been travelling around different countries for a while looking for the most inspiring places to develop his music. He creates environments by improvising with elements taken from classical music, flamenco, jazz and so-called drone music (built on a single chord) present in Celtic music, Gregorian chant, middle-age music and the ragas of Indian music.

This collection of songs, performed by Mia Ramer and himself, reflects a deep proces of personal transformation, now shared. Find out more at 

Mia Ramer plays the harp as her main instrument, always looking for unconventional ways to use it and exploring the large range of often unknown possibilities the harp has to offer.

Her music is a mix of folk, pop, Celtic and experimental music, with improvised instrumental elements. She takes inspiration from all sorts of different genres, and her lyrics are inspired by her travels, life experiences and states of mind.

A debut album Places & People was released in 2018. After the release she travelled a lot with her reduced sized instrument to perform in different European cities.