Mia Ramer & Josep-Manel Vega


like confident children in future's arms

Lovely Mia Ramer plays songs composed by Josep-Manel Vega.
The Swiss singer & harpist performs together with the Spanish guitarist.
They both develop music by improvising live in a fresh and suggestive show full of sweetness and beauty. 

Josep-Manel Vega
Spanish guitar

Beyond songs an offering of musical images.

Mia Ramer
Celtic harp & singing

Don't just listen to what sounds.

Listen to yourself through our words and our music !!

Catalan guitarist Josep-Manel Vega has been travelling around different countries for a while looking for the most inspiring places to develop his improvised music. He uses to create environments by improvising with elements of classical music, flamenco, jazz and the so-called drone music (built on a single chord) such as Celtic music, Gregorian chant, medieval music and the ragas of Indian music.

This collection of songs, perfomermed by Mia Ramer and himself, reflects a deep proces of personal transformation, now shared. Find out more at www.josepmanelvega.com 

Mia Ramer is a singer/songwriter and harpist from Switzerland, with Danish origins. She started playing music at an early age, learning the harp and playing mainly Celtic and classical music. Later on she began experimenting with other styles of music by learning singing and playing the guitar, ultimately leading her to writing her own songs.

A debut album Places & People was released in 2018, with guitar, ukulele and vocals. After the release Mia started focusing mainly on the harp again, and travelled a lot with her reduced sized instrument to perform in different European cities. A new EP is planned for 2021

Old fears won't tell the way my steps will take today . . .

- excerpt from the song Clear Light